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        Jest For Fun Joke Shop is and will be a family business for over 44 years, strives to give personal and very special attention to every customer. Newly owned and operated by Jon Archimede, a professional magician, hoping to push the shop forward and will continue to provide more and more laughs and specialize in magic supplies.

     Our goal is to promote FUN as well as appreciation for the art of magic. We try to advance the skill level of each customer — be it a new beginner at 8 years old or a veteran at 80 years young. “If you have any trouble, or need any help, bring your trick back and I’ll help you”. Customer satisfaction with their purchase and performance of their trick has led to the Joke Shop’s success.

We want to offer you quality magic at reasonable prices, along with the experience only a real magic shop can bring. Stop by, sit down and talk magic, learn magic and be part of the magic.

The shop also carries a full line of joke and novelty items, costume accessories, gift items, wigs, joke books and more. These are all family friendly in keeping with our motto of
“Good, Clean, Family Fun !”

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