Magic Supplies!

Close up Magic

Cups and balls, paddle tricks, beginners magi and so much more!

Coin Magic

Nickels to dimes, Scotch and Soda, Coin gimmicks and more fun things with coins!

Card Magic

Regular cards, gimmicked cards, books and DVDs too!

Stage and Parlor Magic!

Production Boxes, Swords Through Neck, Rope Magic, Linking Rings and that's not all we got!


We have tons of tricks, DVDs, and books on magic, with lots of year of experience! You wont see someone pull up a trick on YouTube, you will actually see a performance of the trick in person. If you ever have a problem with a trick that is purchased from us, bring it in and we would love to help you with it! That’s is the benefit of coming into and old fashion magic shop!

We also like to have magic shows in the summer time here and the shop during the Downtown Waukesha Friday Night Live! This is where we take the kids in our kids club and they perform a show live for everyone to see! All good, clean, family fun! And best of all its free! Check our Facebook feed on the website for details of when the show times will be! Or better yet Like us on Facebook!