Card Magic

(Specify Red or Blue when ordering)
Bicycle ($3.00)
Bee ($6.00)
TallyHo Fan Back($6.00)
TallyHo Circle Backs(6.00)
GAFFED CARDS-($10.00/deck or 25¢/card)
(Bicycle only)
Double Face
Double Back-Red
Double Back-Blue
Double Back-Red & Blue
Blank Back
Blank Face-Red
Blank Face-Blue
Electric Deck ($9.95) Strung deck for simulating card waterfalls and fans without all the practice. These are used often in theater productions where the actor needs to practice their lines more than put time into flourishes.
Poker size unless specified
Stripped-bridge ($5.00)
Stripped-Poker ($8.95) View Online!
Stripped-Poker(Bicycle) ($9.95)
Originally designed for cheating (and we greatly discourage using them as such!) stripper decks allow instant location of selections & easy card control.
Svengali-bridge ($5.00)
Svengali-Poker (8.95) View Online!
Svengali-Poker(Bicycle) ($9.95)
Svengali deck transforms every card in the deck into the selected card, makes a selected card jump to the top of the deck, etc.
Brain Wave ($9.95)
Invisible Pack-Don Alan ($9.95)
Mentally selected card is found reversed in deck. The difference? Brainwave is a face up card in a face down deck. Invisible is a face down selection in a face up deck. Your preference.
Sand Frame ($14.95) Finally, a well made sand frame is back on the market. This is a versatile little picture frame. A card or photo can be made to appear, or vanish. This is great for a torn and restored card routine. Vanish the torn pieces and the restored card appears in the previously empty frame.
It’s Done With Mirrors ($12.95) Four face up cards turn face down, one at a time. They then turn into mirrors, front and back, giving the spectator something to “reflect on”! If you are looking for a killer effect that’s virtually “self-working”, this is it.
Decked Out! ($14.95) An easy to do real mind boggler. A shuffled deck is shown face and back. Spectator selects a card. The deck back changes color and the faces are now in unshuffled order with the exception of one card. The selection is the only RED BACKED card in a BLUE BACKED deck!
What’s Mine is Mine! ($9.95) Spread 8 facedown cards. Spectator is asked to touch any card they wish. Remove their selection and set it aside. Turn the remaining cards over to reveal that they all say “Mine” on the faces. The selection is turned to show the word “Yours” in bold red letters! Free selection! No force! No sleights! No rough/smooth! Instant reset!
Aces in Their Faces ($14.95) This is the cleanest and easiest Ace assembly, you will ever find. Basically: Ribbon spread the deck and show both sides. Turn the Ace of Spades face up and cut it into the deck. THE SPECTATOR now spreads the cards and ALL 4 ACES ARE FACE UP! Lay out 4 spread “hands” each with an ace. The spectator places their hand on top of the Spade hand. The other 3 aces vanish and join the spade. GREAT!!
Cardician’s Dream ($9.95) This was a hit at the ’97 FISM. After apparently “missing” on a predicted card, you threaten to burn up the prediction card. Upon heating it (with a lighter, lightbulb, candle or place it over a cup of hot coffee) it VISIBLY changes into their card! Includes 3 cards (I’ve used the same card for over 50 times) and routine.
Eye Exam ($14.95) Four RED backed cards turn face down, one at a time. The backs change to BLUE. Then ALL of the backs turn into eye charts!
The Web ($9.95) A real reaction getter- A spider web appears on blank cards, dealt onto a spectator’s hand. They wave their hand over the cards to find a spider on the back of their hand! THIS IS GREAT!
Diminishing Returns ($14.95) The deck shrinks, then the selection shrinks. Both return to normal. If this doesn’t blow their minds, you did it wrong!
Split Deck ($9.95) Diagonally cut Svengali. Both selected halves match.
Cheek to Cheek ($6.95) Mechanical reversed card in deck.
Wild Card ($9.95) 8 like cards change into a different “wild card”. Comes with an instructional DVD – Excellent!
Mental Photography ($14.95) Card faces and backs appear & vanish. Comes with an instructional DVD.
Million Dollar Monte ($14.95) This makes you look like an expert monte tosser. One of the only gimmicks I carry when I do walkaround. Comes with a DVD teaching several routines.
Color Monte ($6.95) 3 card monte with a kick. Totally examinable-this is one of my favorite card effects. This will make you look like a gambling expert with 2 simple moves.
Tree Card Monte ($3.95) Three of Diamonds becomes a Tree of Diamonds.
PopEyed ($9.95) Forcing deck.
Bushwhacked ($5.95) Spectator mentally “shoots” a hole in a selected card.
Card Warp ($3.00) A card turns inside out as it passes thru a “warp”.
Eight Ball ($5.95) Blank cards become printed with 8 ball logos.
Spook Cut ($5.00) Magically make the deck cut to the spectators selected card!
Vanishing Deck ($5.00) Have a spectator think of a card and then the magician picks the wrong card. But that’s okay because the rest of the deck vanished! View Online!
Adams bridge sized ($5.00)
Deland-bridge-marked and stripped ($6.95)
Deland’s Automatic Deck ($9.95) This deck does almost everything. Not only can you tell what card the spectator has chosen without looking at the face of the card. You can locate any card at anytime, be able to tell how many cards a spectator cuts, and it works like a stripper deck as well!
Pro M ($24.95) Deviously simple-excellent mentalism deck!
Boris Wild Marked Deck ($19.95) One of the best!
Pro Marked ($9.95) Marked deck in the new popular black deck.
Norm Nelson Cards($5.95) Used for back palming and appearing card fans, these cards are excellent! Magic that can take a lot of skill and sleight of hand to preform and practice, but it is the most mystifying! View Online!
With the increased interest in card magic, this is but a sampling of what we now have in stock. Looking for something special? Call!