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Cups & Balls-plastic ($5.00) Three balls penetrate three cups, jump from cup to cup…Many other routines available with this classic in magic.

Cups & Balls Combo Set ($6.00) Just like the plastic set except, this one comes with a tutor book. The book comes with excellent instructions on how to do even more with your set of cups.

Cups & Balls-Chrome plated aluminum ($18.95) Classier appearance & slightly larger size. Light Weight.
Cups & Balls Copper ($24.95) For a different look and heavier feel.

Cups & Balls-Chromed heavy weight plastic with DVD ($18.95) The video is worth the price alone! Our best

Chop Cup ($18.95) One cup & ball routine that makes you appear to be an expert at sleight of hand, with very little effort. Chromed aluminum.

Ball Vase-plastic ($4.00) Cover is removed from vase and a ball is removed. Place ball in pocket and recap the vase. Remove the cover and the ball has returned. May be repeated, indefinitely. Easy enough for a 5 year old. But, fools adults! View Online!

Ball Vase-wooden 6″ ($24.95) Turned wood version for the classic look.

Crazy Spots ($6.95) A small, hinged plastic folder with two colored spots on the inside. The folder is closed and reopened. The spots have changed from black & blue, to red & yellow. Cover the red spot with your fingers. When you move away, it has changed back to blue. Let them take it – it’s completely examinable!

Zig Zag Pencil ($5.00) A miniature version of the classic stage illusion. The examined pencil is placed into the box, where it remains visible in all three compartments. The center is slid aside along with the center portion of the pencil. All three pieces may be dumped out and replaced. Slide the center back and the pencil is restored! A peppermint stick can be substituted for the pencil.

Steel Ball & Tube ($4.00) A steel ball is placed atop a thin metal tube & held at the finger tips. A gesture & the ball slowly sinks down inside and returns to the top. All may be examined.

Snapper($2.00) A rubber band inside a thin plastic tube, must be hooked by a thin rod, from the inside. Only you can do it! This classic never fails to fool & amuse.

Pen Penetration ($9.95) It writes-it penetrates bills, cards, coins, shirt pockets…It’s examinable and there is no switch!! Totally examinable at the conclusion of the effect.

D’Lite ($14.95 ea. 2 for $24.95) Reach out & pluck a red light from thin air. Turn the light into a silk, sponge ball, make a flower bloom (Bloomin’ Blossum-$6.95)…

D’Lite Junior ($14.95) Pluck a red light out of thin air, off their nose, then away it goes. Just like the regular D’Lite. However, this one is made specifiacally for smaller hands. D’Lite Junior It sure does!

Vernet “Soft” Thumbtip ($3.00) New and improved! Better size and with a matt finish to prevent light reflection. Best all around tip on the market.

Dye Tube ($9.95) Flesh colored gimmick used to apparently change a silk from one color to another. (Two 12″ silks required-not included-$4.00 ea.)

Chinese Vase ($4.00) A rope is placed into the neck of a bottle. Suddenly The “genii inside” grabs the rope & won’t let go. Tickle the genii thru the bottle & the rope is released. Examinable. View Online!


Tricky Paddles ($2.00) Set of two paddles. A circle becomes a square, on one. A top hat produces a rabbit on the other. (This was the trick that got me started!)

Hot Rod ($6.95 ea or 2/$12.00) A clear rod with 6 different “gemstones” inset. Both sides are shown to contain duplicate stones. A number is chosen & all the stones change to the selected color-both sides! Colors visibly return to normal with just a shake!


Floating Match ($4.00) Place a match, toothpick or a dime on the back of a playing card. Bow the card, downward and the item remains suspended!

Thread Boss ($19.95) The Thread Reel has been upgraded! This new model Invisible Thread Reel, clips almost anywhere. It’s now made from light weight injection molded plastic. Why pay a lot for individual floating tricks, when this does most of them! Float: a bill, napkin, card, coin, pencil. wedding ring, stand a spoon on end and much much more!!

Future Mental ($48.95) Spectator picks up & replaces 1 of 3 colored balls, from atop a wooden case while performer’s back is turned. Spectator places all 3 inside the case. Selection is found missing & in the performer’s pocket!

Card Buggy ($24.95) A card is selected, replaced & the deck is spread out in a row. Starting at one end of the spread, spectator pushes a little wooden car along. It stops dead-right at their card. Made popular by Juan Tamariz.


1 1/2″ Red ($1.00 ea.) – 2″ Red ($1.25) Recommended in sets of 4 for most routines. See BOOK LIST & VIDEOS List for routines using sponge balls.

Sponge Balls with DVD($14.95) One of our best sellers for learning sponge ball magic! Comes with great video instructions on how to do tricks with sponge balls and putting them in a routine. And of course the sponge balls as well! View Online!

Color Changing Ball to Square ($6.95) A red ball turns into a red square. In your other hand A black ball!

Multiplying Sponge Rabbits ($3.00) Two sponge bunnies magically “hop” from hand to hand. Place both bunnies into a spectator’s hand and there are a bunch of little bunnies too! Cute for all ages!

Multiplying Sponge Balls ($9.95) A ball, held at the fingertips, suddenly becomes 2. Then 3. Then 4! Put them in your pocket-they return to your hand! May be done closeup or stage.

Sanada Gimmick ($12.00) This device allows one handed appearances & vanishes of a sponge ball or coin. Fools anyone looking for a thumbtip. Comes with gimmick, instructions & 1 sponge ball.

This is far from being our entire stock. New items are being added continually. If you don’t see what you are searching for, let us know!

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