Coin Magic


Nickels to Dimes ($9.95) A Stack of 4 Nickels is covered with a brass cap & turn into dimes. A classic bar bet.

Squirt Nickel ($3.00) Just fill this modified nickel with water-squeeze & squirt.

Double Headed Nickel ($3.95)
Double Headed Quarter ($6.95)

Purse Frame-Goshman ($3.00) Frame-no bag. Produce coins and small items using sleights.

Hopping Half ($57.95) Half dollar & English penny “jump” from pocket to hand several times,then vanish! Many other routines possible. True Expanded Half included with this set, allowing it to be used with regular half dollars (as in several David Roth routines). The King of all coin sets!Copper/Silver/Brass ($49.95) Coins transpose hand to hand. Fully Examinable.Stack of Quarters ($36.95) 6 quarters (may be borrowed) are stacked on the back of a spectator’s hand. They are covered with a leather like cone. The quarters penetrate their hand! The cone is lifted to reveal a stack of pennies (or a die)!!Magnetic Quarter ($19.95)Magnetic Half ($18.95)
————————Quarter – Coin in Bottle ($9.95) Coin is borrowed examined then placed INSIDE a bottle. Coin is then removed and returned. (Or bite a piece off the coin and restore it) Extra Bands (50¢/dozen)

Scotch & Soda ($24.95) Spectator places Half & 20 Centavos behind his back. Ask for the Half back. Next ask for the Centavos-it has changed into a quarter! Comes with an instructional DVD.

Bang Ring-1/2 dollar size ($4.95) If you lost one, you know what it is. If not, you don’t need it.

Penny & Dime ($5.95) Mini version of Scotch & Soda (see above).

COIN BOXES (All are nicely done in brass )
Okito Box ($9.95) Classic penetration effect. Excellent additional routines may be found in Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic.

Boston Box ($12.95) Same as above, with additional option of showing the box full of coins even after they’ve been copped!

Chinese Wallet ($1.00) Coin placed in wallet vanishes and reappears. Low price-Good fooler!

Poker Chip Polka ($9.95) This is a less expensive version of the above. Works and looks great!

Jumbo 3″ Metal Coins ($3.00 each) Specify Quarter or Half.

Flying Coins ($5.00) Quarters invisibly transfer from one cup to another, one at a time. Makes it appear that you are an expert at sleights, without doing a single one!

Magical Block ($3.95) Place block over penny & it turns into a dime. Everything is left for examination.

Money Die Box ($36.95) A “die box” routine. The box (4″x12″) features money bag pictures on the doors and a jumbo 2 1/2″ quarter that rolls back and forth, disappears and reappears elsewhere. I really llike this one! Gospel routining idea: Earthly treasures are fleeting and will disappear. Heavenly treasures (picture of Jesus, cross,…on back of reproduced coin) are eternal.