We Believe…

One God in three persons–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The verbal inspiration of the whole Bible as God’s infallible revelation to man.

Jesus Christ’s deity, virgin birth, sinless humanity, substitutionary death, atoning blood, bodily resurrection, and ascension to heaven.

Salvation by faith in Christ alone, without works, and solely by grace.

The need of works to express gratitude and give a living demonstration of God’s transforming power.

The resurrection of the body: eternal glory for believers in heaven, and everlasting punishment for unbelievers in hell.

The one true church, the body of Christ, consisting of all believers, regardless of race or social standing.

Obedience to our Lord’s command to lead people of all nations to faith in Christ and to growth in Christlikeness.

The need for spiritual growth through Bible study, prayer, witnessing, and involvement in a Bible-believing church.

The imminent rapture of the church, and Christ’s personal return to establish His kingdom on earth.

Our mission, is to provide quality tools and advice for evangelism. The Gospel (good news) deserves our very best, in it’s telling. The fine art of “magic”, is also deserving of time well spent in practice. Combined, they form a powerful witness. Giving either part less than 100%, will cause the whole of the message to suffer. Remember that God holds those who teach His Word, in judgement!
Holy Bible Coloring Book ($12.00) The book starts empty (life without knowledge) then pictures and scripture appear (head acceptance). Finally the pictures become colored (heart acceptance). This one hits home with any age group.

My Favorite Rope Trick ($3.00) Short, Medium & Long ropes become the same length, then revert. Great illustration of the Trinity. 3 separate persons of the 1 God.

Chain Escape ($3.95) Wrists are chained and padlocked. Affect escape to illustrate: freedom from sin, Paul & Silas, Peter’s release from prison…

No Tear Torn & Restored Newspaper ($24.95) This is great! Start with the torn pieces & with NO FALSE MOVES, the multi-page newspaper is VISIBLY RESTORED! (Doesn’t that make more sense than tearing up a perfectly good paper, only to restore it, seconds later?) But, for those of you who want to tear up the paper first (and don’t care about my opinion…), the gimmick is adaptable to the Gene Anderson tear. Patter idea: Christ restores sin-damaged lives. People talk about peace. But have you ever read the headlines? Sin is tearing this world apart. Only by turning to God, will they find true peace!

Vanishing CD ($19.95) A compact disk placed into an open slat frame, visibly vanishes. It can be made to reappear in a previously empty vinyl case, your pocket, etc… The CD may also visibly appear in the frame, after vanishing from the case. Great for illustrating God’s coming to Earth in the form of man (Christ), His resurrection from the grave, and His assension to Heaven.

Holy Bible “Hot Book” ($24.95) Open this “Bible” and flames erupt! Uses lighter fluid and is flint wheel ignited. Great for hellfire & brimstone, the Holy Spirit’s flame, … or just an attention grabber. I use this to open each of my Gospel programs. It never fails to get a great reaction. “Now that I have your attention…”! (NOT SOLD TO MINORS.)

It’s Your Choice ($14.95) A card (5 1/2″ x 9 1/4″) is shown to have 3 question marks on its face. Each one is in a different colored circle (red, yellow and green). Spectator freely chooses any color. The card is turned to reveal your prediction of that exact color! Comes with “Safety” lesson and “Gospel” routine, as well. “Speaking of making the RIGHT choice…”

Color Changing Rope ($7.95) White rope VISIBLY changes to red. Best made-the original-smooth, FAST action. The believer’s sins washed “whiter” than snow by Christ’s “blood.

Gospel Svengali Deck ($14.95) Various religious symbols all turn to pictures of Christ.

Appearing Christ ($14.95) A pack of cards is shown to be blank on both sides. The deck is cut and an image of Christ appears on the front and back of every card! Show how Jesus fills a previously empty life.

The Choice is Yours ($9.95) 3 jumbo cards-2 of Christ-1 of $100. The money vanishes to illustrate the futility of puttng your faith in earthly treasures.

Dewey’s Gospel Cartoon Fun ($3.95)
” Gospel Juggling Skits ($3.95)
” Gospel Cartoon Chalk Talks ($4.95)
” Easy Gospel Chalk Talks ($4.95)
” Gospel Balloon Routine #1 ($3.95)
Wilson 12 Gospel Tricks With a Rope ($5.95)
” 12 Gospel Tricks With Money ($5.95)
” 12 Gospel Tricks With Pen & Paper ($5.95)
” 12 Impromptu Gospel Tricks ($5.95)
” 12 Gospel Tricks You Can Make ($5.95)
Sparks The Magic of the Gospel ($4.95)
The Clown Ministry Handbook ($14.95)

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