Stage & Parlor




Linking Rings 5″ ($9.95) Set of eight steel rings magically link & unlink.


Linking Rings 8″ ($24.95) Same as above with chrome plated rings.


Linking Rings 10″ ($36.95) This is a three ring set. The additional cost is involved with a locking key ring. This allows all three rings to be openly displayed at all times. Beautifully made! This is the set I use to open my Gospel act. It makes for a great visual illustration of the Trinity.
This is just a sampling of the many effects we carry under this heading. We also carry a large number of previously owned props, including some collector’s items.



Backstage ($38.95) Explain that you are going to take your audience backstage and let them in on a secret. Exhibit a small platform, with a cloth drape hanging down. Stand two panels on top of the platform. A jumbo card is dropped between the panels, which are immediately removed and shown; the card is gone! The platform is turned and the audience sees the card hanging underneath, behind the drape. This sequence is repeated. This time, even after showing the card underneath, the drape is pulled away and the card has really vanished! This is one of the greatest “sucker” effects, ever!


Sucker Glass Vanish ($24.95) Same as Backstage, except a full size glass of “milk” vanishes from under a tube (going through the trap and behind the curtain).


Sucker Die Box ($84.95) The Classic Die and Box routine – outdone! This one fools magicians! Very nicely made, natural blonde wood with a large 4″ yellow die, which is visible even for the largest audiences. Basically the die is placed in the box. It is slid back and forth in an apparent attempt to convince them that it is gone. Finally all four doors are opened and the end panels are removed to show that it really is gone. The die can be produced from a box, hat, or different part of the room! Great fun!


Crystal Casket ($14.95) 4″ square, clear box suddenly fills with silks, sponge balls or spring flowers. (Production items not included)


Stratospheres ($54.95) Three large (crocket size) colored balls are placed into a tube & magically reverse order. This is repeated. Then the culprit ball is placed into a box & vanished. It reappears in the tube-on the bottom! Complete with “gung-ho” box for vanishing the ball.


Mini Miracle Balls ($14.95) Parlor sized version of Stratospheres. Vanishing box not included (but not necessary for this size).


Vanishing CD ($19.95) A compact disk placed into an open slat frame, visibly vanishes. It can be made to reappear in a previously empty vinyl case, your pocket, etc… The CD may also visibly appear in the frame, after vanishing from the case.


Crystal Silk Cylinder (with additional cylinder) ($69.95) A clear cylinder is cover by 2 metal tubes (which are shown empty). Produce volumes of silks, or a bottle, or change a white silk to a dove…!


Monkey Bar ($18.95) A ring tied to one of three ropes, hanging from a wooden bar, jumps to the other end of the bar. Next, it goes back. Just turning the bar around? It jumps to the center! This is a classic “sucker” effect and laugh getter. Quality made!


Magic Coloring Book ($10.00) Black outline Circus pictures appear in a blank coloring book. Flip through again and the pictures are all colored in! If you do birthday shows, you need this!


Mini Coloring Book ($5.00) Pocket sized version of the above. Great for walk-around performers!


Dove Pan ($34.95) Spun aluminum pan with cover for producing a dove, rubber chicken (see practical jokes), cup cakes, balloons…


Chick Pan ($18.95) Slightly smaller version of the above.


Pom Pom Pole ($49.95) One of my favorite comedy props! A tube (approx. 14″) has a long string on one end & a short one on the other. Attached to the strings are bright colored pom poms. Pull the short string and it becomes long, as the the ong one shortens. Suddenly you have 2 long strings. Take the tube apart, to show no connections. Put it back together and the whole thing works again! Especially fun with tongue twisting patter.


Zombie ($29.95) Silver Metal Ball “floats” above, behind and around a cloth (included) which is held at the performer’s fingertips.


Card Duck ($54.95) A mechanical wooden duck picks cards, from it’s “food trough”. Great fun for young & old alike! Hint: Use an alphabet deck ($9.95) and have the duck spell out the birthday child’s name.


Money Die Box ($36.95) Another die box routine. The box (4″x12″) features money bag pictures on the doors and a jumbo 2 1/2″ quarter that rolls back and forth, disappears and reappears elsewhere. I really like this one! Gospel routining idea: Earthly treasures are fleeting and will disappear. Heavenly treasures (picture of Jesus, cross,…on back of reproduced coin) are eternal.


Square Circle ($94.95) A 14″ high x 5″ dia. cylinder can be seen inside a 13″ high x 7 1/2″ sq. Grill fronted box. Both rest atop a thin platform. Both are shown empty. Produce a large load of silk, solids, even livestock.


TV Card Frame ($64.95) Spectator’s card (may be signed) visibly appears between 2 plates of clear plexiglass. Glass may be rubber banded by the spectator prior to the effect.


Eureka Table Base($49.95) 22″ base for stability. Collapses to 26″-Extends to 50″. Complete with flange for mounting your own top.


Genii Tube ($48.95) Tube is 11″ x 4″. It is hinged lengthwise & opens to show the full interior. Close the tube and produce silks, streamers or spring flowers.


10 Foot Pole ($36.95) Actually it’s 8′ tall. But, whoever heard of “I wouldn’t touch that with an eight foot pole!”? This is a great production item, from a lunch bag, puse, pocket, change bag… Well made! This is the original.


Needle Thru Arm ($34.95) Geek magic at it’s goriest and best! A stainless steel hatpin is apparently driven through the muscle of your forearm, blood runs, weak hearted spectators faint…If this sounds like your cup o’ tea, here’s a trick that really “sticks” out! Note: This is NOT the cheaply made version.


Sword Through Neck ($75.00) This is the best made version, of this classic effect, that you will ever find at even double this price! The stocks are hinged to eliminate fumbling with two halves. The sword tapers to a “point” instead of a square tip and is held together with a rivet, instead of cellophane tape. The sword also comes complete with a “velvet” covered scabbard.


Hippy-Hop Rabbits ($36.95) Black & White “Rabbits” change places when covered. They’re just being turned around? Show the backs to be Red & Yellow! Classic fun “sucker” effect. 10″ tall. VERY nicely made! These are the ones I use.


Super Needled Balloon ($9.95) A long (approx. 16″) steel needle is pushed through an unprepared balloon. The balloon is then popped to show both the balloon and needle to be real. This trick was featured on the first Doug Henning special, back in the 70’s. Comedic possibilities abound, along with message routines such as anti-drug (draw face on balloon “airheads”).


Additional Balloons for the above trick ($2.00/dozen) Although any balloon can be used, these 11″ clear, heavy latex ones work best. The added visual of seeing the needle inside the balloon is worth it.



Metal Tipped Wand ($5.00) Classy looking wand for misdirection or that magical look.


Metal Rising Wand ($5.00) Black & Silver metal wand rises up through your fingers upon command. Also comes with a “floating” gimmick and a cloth carrying case.


Chinese Sticks($9.95) Two wands with tassels are shown. One long tassel, one short. The short becomes long and vise versa. Wands are separated to prove no connections. Still it works! A classic!



Tricky Bottles ($36.00) Glass bottles/metal covers- classic tipsy/turvy do as I do routine.


Multiplying Bottles ($95.00) Eight “WHISKEY” Bottles are produced from two metal covers. Excellent Quality! Great routine!! (I replaced the whiskey labels on my set with custom labels made on my computer.)


Wonder Glass ($5.95) Don’t let the low price fool you; this is an excellent effect. Take a sip from a full glass and offer someone else a drink. Not sanitary to drink from the same glass? Hand them a straw and ask them to pretend they are drinking through it. Even though it isn’t anywhere near the glass, the liquid level begins to drop! After they have almost magically emptied the glass, hand them a napkin and dismiss them, before they drain the whole thing. This is great for any age. But, kids really “drink it up”!


Magic Milk Pitcher ($18.95) Milk(or colored liquid) poured from this pitcher, vanishes.


Slush Powder ($7.95/4 oz.) Super absorbent powder turns liquid into gelled solid instantly!


Comedy Funnel ($24.95) Liquid pours from funnel at your command.


Coffee Vase ($49.95) Produce hot coffee from a previously empty container. Chrome plated device may be used for many other productions as well.


Jumbo Lota ($54.95) Chrome plated “spittoon”. Pour water until empty. It refills several times. Great run-on gag.


6″ Lota ($36.95) Slightly smaller version of the above.


Foo Can ($24.95) Looks like a small chrome plated creamer. Vanishes liquid or a raw egg, simply by turning it upside down. Liquid may be reproduced just as easily.



Bloomin’ Blossum ($7.95) Red feather flower appears & vanishes from atop a “leafy” stalk.


5 Bloom Sleeve Bouquets ($36.95) Nicely made, feather flower production bouquets. These are not the powder puff looking cheapies! Vibrant colors- 5″ diameter blossums.


Bare Handed Flower Production ($9.95) 14 small colorful blossums pop up one at a time at your fingertips. Made of plastic film and spring steel for durability. (These are a great addition to a card manipulation act.) Holders included and have thumb moisteners built in.


Spring Flowers ($9.95) Bouquet of spring steel loaded, tissue paper flowers. Pops open instantly. Great for gloves to bouquet, dove pan load…. or just by them selves.

Flower Basket ($28.95) Show a basket (approx. 12″ diameter) made of wire. There appears to be no place to conceal anything. Yet, with just a shake, the basket overflows with colorful paper flowers! Self contained. No steals or sleights. Complete with quality bouquet of spring flowers. A very pretty effect!




Zippered One Handed Change Bag ($24.95) Velveteen bag attached to a paddle shaped handle. Anything that fits (silks,candy,rope,cards…) can be vanished, made to appear, or change (colored scarves to a flag)


Dancing Cane – Silver ($19.95) This is a professional piece of equipment, made out of quality aluminum (34 inches long). It is threaded in the center, allowing it to break down for compact transportation. Nicely balanced to permit a greater range of movement, with minimal effort. The dancing cane can add just the touch of class you were looking for in your stage act. Although it does require practice, this is a time tested classic that warrants it!


D’Lite ($14.95 – 2 for $24.95) Reach out & pluck a red light from thin air. Turn the light into a silk, sponge ball, make a flower bloom (Bloomin’ Blossum-$6.95)


D’Lite Junior ($14.95 – 2 for $24.95) Pluck a red light out of thin air, off their nose, then away it goes. Just like the regular D’Lite. However, this one is made specifically for smaller hands. D’Lite Junior? It sure does!


Card Rise Chest ($28.95) Nicely made out of natural finished teak, with a pharaoh design in black gracing the front. Cards are selected and replaced in the deck (ordinary deck – not included). The deck is placed into the box. Eerily the lid opens and the first selection rises up. Take the card out and close the lid. This can be repeated for as many cards as you wish. This is also a fun effect with alphabet cards preset to rise up spelling the birthday child’s name…. You can also use this for a great Gospel routine. Use an “Appearing Christ” deck (see Gospel Magic page). Show the card with Jesus on it and cut it into the center of the otherwise blank deck (burial cloths). Place the deck into the box and close the lid while pattering about the tomb and its being sealed with the stone. As you tell about the stone being rolled away, the lid opens and the Christ card rises. Regardless of which routine you use, this is a classy looking prop and very visual!


Rice Bowls – Brahmin style ($29.95) The classic multiplication of one bowl of rice into two and then into water! The Brahmin style feature makes the bowls self contained. There is no need for the plastic disk used with the standard bowls. This is a very nicely made, high chromed aluminum set. Each bowl is 3″ deep and 6 1/2″ in diameter at the rim, making them visible in even the largest shows.


Floating Fiberglass Table – ($200.00) A very sturdy table that you can make float in the air! Comes with a watch as well to help with the illusion of making it float!

Rope Magic/Silk Magic


Super White Soft Magician’s Rope ($5.00/25 feet) This is the finest magician’s rope we’ve seen! It is highly visible & handles beautifully. You can pay more, but won’t get better quality than this.


Abbott’s Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks ($9.95) THE book!


My Favorite Rope Trick ($3.00) Short, Medium & Long ropes become the same length, then revert back to different lengths.


Stiff Rope ($9.95) 2′ length of rope stiffens and drops loose on command. Nice Bright white rope!


Color Changing Rope ($5.95) White rope VISIBLY changes to red. Easy and one of the fastest tricks in magic!



These silk scarves are 100% pure silk. Colors available: red-blue-green-yellow-white-black-orange. Specify color when ordering.


9″ Silk ($3.00 ea) Perfect size for thumbtip (see closeup magic) vanish.


12″ Silk ($4.00) For use with dye tube (see closeup magic) or generalpurpose.


18″ Silk ($5.00) General production size.


12′ x 6″ Streamer ($18.95) Pure silk-rainbow colored streamer for production-Beautiful!


Thumbtip Streamer ($3.00) 1″ x 18″ version of the above. This is a GREAT looking production-seems like it couldn’t possibly be hidden in a thumbtip – fools those “in the know”.


36″ Diamond Pattern Silk ($18.95) Red, Yellow, Blue & Green diamond print for production or blendo effect.


Double Color Changing Hanky ($9.95) Two brightly colored scarveschange into two totally different colors. May be repeated indefinitely. Self contained. Easy & always set. Great walk-around for clowns! Pure silk-vibrant colors.


Egg Bag ($9.95) A classic routine that is making a great come back! An egg is caused to vanish and reappear in a cloth bag. The bag is shown freely inside and out during the routine. Nicely made in red with gold trim. Comes with a wooden egg (laid by a decoy).


Devil’s Hank ($18.95) We have these made for us. I got tired of the ones with too small of an opening, or a pocket too tiny to hold a load. The corners of this scarf are brought together, allowing the center of the scarf to form a pocket. Items placed inside are vanished when the scarf is allowed to drop open. I use this to vanish a regulation pool ball. Other items to be vanished (or made to appear): silks, cards, dove, banana…


Mismade Flag ($38.95) Pure silk 18″ version. Complete with red/ white/blue silks, flag missing blue star field, reversed colors flag, restored American flag and routine. Best used with a change bag. This is a guaranteed applause getter!


20th Century Silks ($24.95) Two matching 18″ silks are tied together & given to a spectator to hold. An 18″ multi-colored silk is vanished and appears tied between the other two. Great response getter!