Hand buzzer ($3.95) Best made. Buzzes & vibrates when you shake or pat someone on the back. The tried and true classic!

Shocking Hand Shaker ($4.76) Battery operated version of the above. The difference? It delivers a harmless, yet real eye opening electrical shock! See below for our other shock items.

Hand Flasher ($9.95) This easily concealed device shoots a shower of sparks out of your hand! If you jump back, when the sparks fly, it appears that you got shocked (although it’s completely harmless). Do this around any electrical appliance and watch the reactions! We’ve had TVs unplugged, computers shut down, microphones checked and people refuse to push elevator buttons! Fun? You Betcha!!

Whoopee Cushion ($2.00) Emits the classic “Bronx Cheer” when sat upon.

Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion ($6.95) For those who are too young (or too lazy) to blow one up!

Le Farter ($3.95) Hand held version of the whoopee cushion. Squeeze and squawk!

Brain Fart ($9.95) Yeah, I know you’ve had them and they were free. But, this brain shaped whoopee cushion makes it more fun.

Remote Control Whoopee Cushion ($18.95) Who would have ever thought?! With the simple push of a button, you can broadcast 15 different realistic rips! Works through walls and up to 100 feet!! (Why doesn’t my garage door opener?) High tech FUN!

Magic Butterflies ($3.00 each/2 for $5.00) These are rapidly becoming one of our favorites! These butterflies are the size of the real thing. They wind up like the old fashioned toy airplanes. They come in 4 bright butterfly prints; yellow, blue, pink and greenish. Best of all…THEY FLY! Simply wind one up and place it in a greeting card. When it is opened the butterfly takes off in flight! Gets a great reaction!! They can be mailed in a card at no extra postage. They also work well in books, under books, under anything that will hold it in place until lifted. Wonderful Fun!
Whoops ($3.00) Classic fake vomit puddle. Sprinkle it with a little water for an even better effect.

Pet Puke ($2.00) Mini version of above.

Dog Dunnit ($3.00) Pretend puppy poop pile. This is the top o’ the line and the best selling item in the whole store! That’s right… #2 is #1!Why? I guess others sell crap and don’t tell you. This honest product puts it right up front.

Kitty Krap ($2.00) Can’t let dogs get all the blame. A smaller version. (Good also for puppy poop.)

For the Sportsminded:
Exploding Golf Ball ($3.81/2 for $5.71) These look like real golf balls but when you hit ’em, they disappear in a big cloud of dust! They are made of compressed chalk. Loads of fun and a great psych if you need to gain a couple of strokes!

Crazy Golf Ball ($3.00) Wait until they try to putt this one. It goes wherever it pleases, including sometimes in a circle! They are weighted off center (a lot like our humor!)

Double Headed Nickel ($4.76) Such an innocent coin! Who would suspect a nickel of being gimmicked?! It certainly gives you the edge when it comes to calling the toss! (If you call “heads”)

Double Headed Quarter ($7.95) Same as above.

Chattering Teeth ($5.00) Wind-up false teeth, that chatter away.

Dollar Snatcher ($3.00) Drop a bill-it leaps back to your hand.

Parking Violations ($2.00) 25 comical “tickets” to leave on windshield of poorly parked cars.

Exhaust Whistle ($3.00) Stick in car’s tail pipe for a loud whistle. Harmless.

Glass Impact Bullet Holes ($2.00) Six very realistic bullet holes which can be applied to any glass surface (car windshields, house windows, mirrors,…). Great joke for hunting season!

Sixth Little Finger ($1.00) Now, why they call it that, I don’t know! It’s actually a tiny little rubber hand which fits onto your little finger. Close your hands over it like you caught something. Then extend your pinky forward and this little hand pops out scaring the whoopee out of anyone standing near. One of my personal favorites.

Invisible Man Kit ($ . ) Remember the fedora hat, trench coat, bandages & shades? Well, this kit features absolutely none of those items. Instead, it comes with everything you don’t see. Shipping may be delayed on this item. I’m not sure if they are in stock or not!

Cigarette Burn ($1.00) Looks like a real lit cigarette is scorching the surface of table, chair, book,…!

Puffy Cigarettes (Pack of 2/$1.00) Real looking theatrical cigarettes. Blow through them and it looks like smoke. Great for theater or just ticking off your parents!

Puffy Cigar ($1.00) Same as above – just bigger, fatter and more obnoxious.

Shock Flashlight ($9.95) Works as a small keychain flashlight. But, if you turn it on in “the normal way”, it gives a safe but substantial shock!

Shocking Stapler ($9.95) Great office fun! Looks innocent enough. But, wait until they use it!

Shock Calculator ($9.95) More office equipment that adds up to fun! (“adds up”…never mind) Even accountants will get a charge out of this one.

Shock Lighter ($5.00) Classy metal lighter gives quite a jolt when you flip up the lid! Even non smokers will play with a lighter if it’s laying around.

Shocking Gum ($5.00) Offer someone a piece of gum and when they go to pull it from the pack, WHAM! they get shocked! This little gem packs a whallop and since you’re holding the pack, they can’t throw it. I like this one a lot and keep waiting for one of those folks that likes to take the gum out of the pack with their teeth! View Online!

Shock Remote Control ($9.95) Looks like a real remote for tv, stereo, etc. Push the power button and Wheeoo!

Shock Pen ($9.95) Real ball point pen – but, only if you know how to use it – otherwise… Zap!

Shock Lemonade Can ($6.00) This one gets anyone who picks it up. Especially fun when placed in the fridge… the condensation adds some Zip to the Zap.

Squirt Toilet Seat ($2.00) Fill & stick under any toilet seat. They sit. It squirts! A bargain bidet.

Squirt Calculator ($3.00) Pocket calculator squirts when buttons are pushed. Looks real.

Squirt Pen/Ink ($4.00) Looks like a ball point pen. Squirts when top button is pushed. Comes with a bottle of disappearing ink. But, it can be filled with water as well.

Disappearing Ink($1.00) Squirt blue “ink” on clothes-ink (not their clothes) disappears. Fun with the above squirting items.

Spilled Nail Polish($2.00) Very real looking bottle, brush & “puddle”. Creates panic on carpet, car seat, or…

Instant Worms($1.00) Tiny pellet dropped into a drink,expands to look like a little worm. Harmless.

Fake Lottery Tickets ($1.00 ea) Real looking scratch off lottery tickets. Every one is a $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 winner! Add one of these with a couple real ones in a birthday or wedding card. Creates quite a stir!

Fake Beer ($1.00) Add powder to water-looks like beer-tastes like soap!

Fake Cola ($1.00) Looks real – but get the camera ready for a spit take!

Foaming Sugar ($1.00) Add to any liquid for a volcanic effect.

Waukesha Spring House ($18.95) Custom made just for us! This looks kinda like an old fashioned outhouse. A sign reads; “Emergency Toilet Tissue – Pull Knob to Dispense”. Want to find out all about the part of human nature that started in the Garden of Eden, when God said “Don’t…!”? Well, everyone that sees this little house will open the door. Whamo! It blows apart!! Takes about 10 seconds to reset for the next victim. (I know. I reset the one on our counter at least 20 times a day!) Made entirely out of wood and spring activated. Other computer printed labels may be used as well. Anything that says “Don’t!” seems to make folks “Do!” (sometimes they even “do” in their drawers!). Approx. 8″ tall. One of our best sellers!

Black Hand Soap ($3.00) Small bar of soap makes you dirtier than before you washed.

Rubber Chicken ($9.95) Full sized plucked chicken. Another classic prop. Every house NEEDS one!

Snake Nut Can ($5.00) Spring “snake” jumps out of nut can.

Snake Potato Chips ($9.95) Two 5′ cloth covered snakes in a realistic, innocent looking “Kringle” chip can.
Rattlesnake Eggs ($1.00) Small printed envelope contains windup “rattler”. Startling!

Hot Tea Bag ($1.00) This tea bag contains tea & crushed chilies.

Joke Hard Candies ($1.00/package -2 pieces of 1 type/package)
Garlic Flavored Candy – Fish Flavored Candy – Hot Mouth Candy – Green Mouth Candy – Blue Mouth Candy – Black Mouth Candy – Fart Candy (causes gas!).

Snappy Gum ($1.00) Pull stick of gum from pack and a mini “mousetrap” snaps your finger. Harmless fun – a real classic! This was my first ever joke – at the tender age of 5.

Cracked Cellphone Screen($2.00) Place it on someones phone, and it looks like they cracked their cellphone screen! Comes off easy, can be reused and it leaves no residue!


Your April Fools Headquarters EVERY Day

Funny Glasses:

Groucho Glasses ($3.00) Fuzzy eyebrows & muschache attached to a pair of specs with a big nose. View Online!

Goofy Droopy Glasses ($3.00) Big eyeballs on springs attached to black glasses.

Giant’s Glasses ($3.00) Round, thick lenses make your eyes look magnified. Pop the lens out (replacable) and you have a great pair of glasses for aspiring young wizards, that want to look like Harry.

X-Ray Spex ($4.00) Creates optical illusion of being able to see thru skin & clothing. Do they REALLY work? Sure- if you break your arm and go to the hospital, all the doctors put them on and…I’m putting you on as well. Fun to see that they actually make others nervous, by just wearing them and a smile when you look at them!

Elvis Glasses ($7.95) These gold framed aviator glasses from the 70’s have sideburns attached. Uh-Huh!

Blues Glasses ($3.00) Black ramed sunglasses for your favorite blues character, spy, etc.

Lots of other styles available as well. Let us know what you need.

Looney Labels ($1.00 each, 4/$3.00) These labels wrap around any soup sized can. Place in back in the pantry and leave it. When the chef of the house discovers it, you’ll know! With titles like: “Pickled Pig Snouts, Mashed Maggots, Stewed Fish Eyes, Mealworm Marinara, Cream of Cockroach Soup, Coon Hash, Roadkill Raviloi & Chunky Style Possum Stew” how can you go wrong!

Wobbling Cue Ball ($14.95) These regulation looking cue balls are weighted off center and go where ever they want. Fun to sneak in on the table.

Black Eye Telescope ($3.00) Another timeless classic. Anyone who looks through these, ends up looking like a raccoon.
Snap Snots ($1.00) Fake a sneeze and let this wiggling stream of fake snot dangle.

Rubber Pencil ($1.00) “teacher, I’m having trouble writing…”

Dirty Diaper ($3.00) one of the most commented upon items in our store! It looks like a real diaper with a very healthy skid mark. Use it as a seat saver, or leave it on a bed after changing your young ‘un…

Nail Through Finger ($1.00) Looks like a bloody nail going through a bandaged finger – you provide the pained expression when showing it.

Extendafork ($5.00) This dinner fork extends like a car antennae, giving you the reach you need to swipe someone’s dessert. Makes a great backscratcher as well!

Light up Ears ($5.00) Red LED’s which clip over your ears. The control clips to your belt. Two buttons control which ear lights up. Flash one or the other for turn signals while walking, or press both for your own personal brake lights.

New items are being added all the time. Give me a call and ask “what’s new?” HAVE FUN!

Crazy Roach($3.00) Its a cockroach on a pull back racer! Pull it back, hide it underneath something and when some one picks it up, it run away!

Crazy Spider($3.00) Same as above just a spider!

Crazy Mouse ($3.00) Same as above but its a mouse instead!