Fake Parking Ticket
An unofficial parking ticket for that special someone
Itching Powder
Sprinkle this on someone and it makes them itch
Squirt Ring
Fill the ring with water and give a squeeze
Magic Candles
Candles that re-light when blown out
Nail Through Finger
A nail that looks like it goes through your finger
Deluxe Dog Poop
Fake looking dog poop
Whoopee Cushion
Classic inflatable that makes a fart sound when sat on
Fake Cigarettes
Fake looking cigarettes that puff smoke when blown
Bang Gun
Prop gun. Pull trigger- flag drops with word "Bang"
Bill Snatcher
Attach the string to dollar bill. When someone reaches for it, the reel winds it up before they can grab it.
Bingo Device
Uses caps (sold separately) to create a 'bang' when uncovered. Set up under soda cans, office equipment and more.
Black Eye Telescope
Telescope that creates a black circle around the eye of anyone that uses it. Not permanent-does was off.
Black Soap
Looks like real soap, but the more you wash, the dirtier you get.
Blue Lollipop
Real sucker that leaves you with a blue mouth.
Cigarette Burn
Fake, but very real looking cigarette left behind and burned in.
Crazy Mouse
Designed like pull back racer. Just pull back and let the mouse run.
Crazy Spider
Spider designed like a pull back racer.
Droopy Eyes
Fake glasses that have eyeballs that pop out on springs.
Exhaust Whistle
Add to muffler exhaust pipe. When car starts it creates a whistle that doesn't stop until removed. Great fun at car shows.
Fake Cola
Looks like Cola, but tastes like water you added to.
Fake Lottery Tickets
Everyone is a winner!!!
Fake Vomit
Who gagged? Realistic and chunky looking. For more fun add a little water so it looks like it just happened.
Fart Candy
Candy that creates you to have gas. Note: works differently with each individual. May take a few hours, but does work.
Fart Lollipop
Works the same as the candies, but in sucker form. Creates gas in individual who eats it. Note: may take a few hours, but will work.
Fart Machine
Electronic Fart Machine w/Remote. 15 Fantastic replicas of gassy fun that you can control from approx 100ft away. Does require a 9v battery not included.
Garlic Candy
Fun looking candy that tastes like Garlic
Fish Lollipop
Great looking sucker for the unknowing candy lover. Prankster knows tastes like fish.
Fish Candy
Real candy that tastes like Fish to the unsuspecting recipient.
Groucho Glasses
Disguise glasses with bushy eyebrows, nose and mustache.
Hot Candy
Fun candies with a spicy surprise.
Hot Lollipop
Nice red sucker with a hot taste.
Insta Worms
Drop in water and worms appear
Itching Powder
Creates itching when added to something skin touches.
Mixed Nuts
Can of Nuts disguise a pop out snake when the lid is opened.
Party Pooper
Real looking fake rubber poop. Looks like someone missed. Great gag to leave behind on floor, toilet seat, etc..
Rattle Snake Eggs
Pkg reads, 'open with caution'. Curiosity makes them open. Reaction to the rattling surprise makes for the best prank ever!
Real looking fake roaches. Put them anywhere and watch the reaction.
Shock Gum
Take a stick of gum-feel a shock
Potato Chips/Snake Can
Looks like Potato Chips, but when lid comes off a huge snake surprise jumps out.
Spy Glasses
Fun glasses with mirrors in peripherals. Great for bike riders who need to see what's behind them or anyone wanting to view who or what is behind them.
Stink Loads
Add to cigarettes. Make them emit a bad smell.
Telescopic Fork
Fork that extends to reach further
Tricky Dice
Real looking dice that only roll 7 or 11
Vomit Candy
Innocent looking candy with a taste you want to vomit.
X-Ray Goggles
Fun optical illusion glasses. Lets you see through objects by refracted light.